Guest Deluxe Cabins & Suites

Every Suite is fully air-conditioned with individual control.

A huge bathroom with bath–tub and very mode and hygiene equipments.

A very large sun–deck with almost shaded Areas and a lot of comfortable features.

Measures & Technical Data:

Lange 47 m

Width 7,5 m

07 double – bed Suites (18 m2)

01 King – bed suite (22 m2)

Accommodation All inclusive basis (soft drinks only)

Sailing Dates

Sailing Dates

(5 nights tour from Esna to Aswan)

First day,

Our guests arrive to Esna at noontime, get the welcome drink, check in & getting their rooms. Star of the trip to our first destination (El Hegz island) which take around 4 or 5 hours sailing in the Nile and during this sailing guests will have their lunch, El Hegz island is an small island which is located in the north of Edfu & there we will spend our first night.

Second day,

In the warm sun, you will have your breakfast on the deck, after that we have sailing for around 5 hours to arrive & visit Edfu- temple, then you will continue sailing from Edfu to (El Fuza island) which takes around 1 hour sailing, there we are going to spend our second night.

Third day,

After breakfast, Sailing from El Fuza for around 5 hours to visit El Ramadya (Nubian village); Sailing from El Ramadya to (Besaw island) it takes around 2 or 3 hours and there we will have our third night

Fourth day,

We start our nice day by Sailing from Besaw to visit the temple of El Silsela Mountain; sailing will take around 3 hours, then sailing from the temple to Meneha Island it takes from 4 to 5 hours. Overnight in Meneha

Fifth day,

Sailing from Meneha to Kom ombo for around 1.30 hour. Visit he temple and continue Sailing from Kom ombo to Daraw for about 1 to 2 hours and there we visit the market (El Souk) (animals and vegetables markets). Sailing from Daraw to Kopania it takes around 5 hours there we are going to enjoy our last night trip with our Nubian party.

Sixth day,

During our sailing from Kopania to Aswan, which takes around 3 hours we will have our breakfast, disembarkation will be around 10:00 a.m in Aswan and have a nice trip in Aswan.

Dining & Entertainment

Dining & Entertainment

Accommodation on all inclusive basis (soft drinks only)

Features & Services

A very large sun–deck with almost shaded Areas and a lot of comfortable features.

Measures & Technical Data:

  • Lange 47 m
  • Width 7,5 m




The agricultural town of Esna is on the west bank of the Nile, 55km south of Luxor, The ancient name of Esna was Lanyn or ta-sanet the classical latopolis.

El Hagz Island

It takes around 4 or 5 hours sailing in the Nile from Esna, El Hagz Island is a small island which located in the north of Edfu.


Edfu lies 100 kilometers south of Luxor and is the site of one of the greatest and best preserved temples of ancient Egypt. The temple, completed during the Ptolemic age (305-30 B.C.), was dedicated to Horus and provides a wealth of information through its inscriptions, which describe the founding and construction methods of similar temples, as well as daily rituals and myths of ancient times. Beside that during sailing you can enjoy watching the El Fuza Island, El Ramadya (Nubian Village) and Besaw Island.

Gebl El Silsila

Is an area between Edfu and Kom Ombo, Gebl El Silsila is the old quarry used from the 18th dynasty and continued through to the Greco-Roman period.

Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo is 40 kilometers north of Aswan and since earliest times, has received visitors who have traveled through the Libyan and Arabian deserts from Sudan caravan routes. The town of Ombos gained administrative importance during the Ptolemic age as it protected the southern border of Egypt and in the Roman period was a military station. The temple has a double sanctuary and is dedicated to two divinities: Haroeris (Horus the Elder) and Sobek (the Crocodile God).


Aswan, Egypt's smallest governorate, was the country's premier winter resort from 910 to 24 BC, offering natural beauty, a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and a warm, dry climate.

River Nile Facts

River Nile Facts

What are the areas where the Nile Cruises sail?

Nile cruises travel between Luxor to Aswan and vice versa. In this trip you will visit Isna, Edfu and Kom Ombo. The distance from Cairo to Luxor is 671km, and the distance from Cairo to Aswan is 879 km.

How to reach the Nile cruise in Luxor or Aswan?

If you are in Cairo, it will take you one hour on plane and 12 hours in the sleeping train. If you are traveling from Hurghada, it will take you three hours in a car.

Is it safe to go in a Nile cruise in Egypt?

All Nile boats in Egypt are subject to regular inspection by the governmental authorities to ensure the safety of passengers.

Do I need an entry visa for Egypt?

For most nationalities, entry visas are received at the Egyptian airports. You have to buy visa stamps for the amount of charge required for your nationality. For some other nationalities, the entry visa is required before arriving in Egypt. Contact the nearest Egyptian consulate at your residence to apply for an entry visa. Send us your nationality to inform you which entry visa you have to get.

Can I use my ATM card in Egypt?

ATMs are used in all the main towns and tourist destinations, such as Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, and Dahab. Most of the cash machines there accept major credit cards, like Visa and Mastercard.

What should I wear in Egypt?

It is highly important to bring sport and comfortable shoes for traveling and long distance walking. The temperature in Egypt is commonly warm. Egypt's main seasons are hot summer from May to October and winter from November to April. In summer wear light clothes and keep a Jacket for the nights that might be cool. Whereas, in the months of winter bring heavy clothes.

What should I bring with me to Egypt?

Bring your hat and sunglasses for the sightseeing tours, since the sun in Egypt is strong. In the beach, you will need a sun block. The voltage rate in Egypt is 220 Volts. Plugs have two sockets for two rounded pins. If your machine uses other kinds of plugs such as the three-pin plugs, then you will have to bring an adaptor with two pins. Do not forget your camera, since you will have to take many shots for magnificent Egypt. Bring as well an extra bag, you will find lots of the souvenirs worthy of buying.

Do I need a certain medication?

In Egypt, we have all kinds of medications. However, if you are taking a special medication, bring it with you.

Can I drive cars in Egypt?

You can rent cars in Egypt. Use your own driving license. However, we do not advise you to drive yourself in Cairo for the traffic jam.

Can I walk safely in Egypt?

In Egypt, one can walk around free and without fear of any kind, either from the police officers or from attackers. Crime rates in Egypt are very low compared to the other countries. It only costs you not leaving your baggage or other valuables unattended. The Egyptian people are hospitable and warm. It is true that Egypt faced few tourist attacks but for the average rates in Egypt these incidents mean nothing. The tourist police provide utmost security for tourists in hotels, roads, and tourist spots.